The following term is used by the standard reference in the provisions of this standard. For dated reference documents, subsequent amendments (excluding Corrigendum contents) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, encourage the parties to reach an agreement according to the new version of this standard, whether can use these files. Note the dates are not cited documents; the latest versions apply to this standard.GB 14925 - 2001 experimental animal facilities and environment;GB/T 16803 - 1997 heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and purification equipment;GB 50073 - 2001 clean workshop design specification;JGJ 71 - 1990 clean room construction and acceptance specification;

下列中的條款通過本標準的引用而成為本標準的條款。凡是注明日期的引用檔,其隨後所有的修改單(不包括勘誤的內容)或修訂版均不適用於本標準,然而,鼓勵根據本標準達成協議的各方研究是否可使用這些檔的最新版本。凡是不注日期的引用檔,其最新版本適用於本標準。GB 14925—2001 實驗動物 環境及設施;GB/T 16803—1997 暖氣、通風、空調、淨化設備;GB 50073—2001 潔淨廠房設計規範;JGJ 71—1990 潔淨室施工及驗收規範;